A small tool based on Qt for implementing named camel case conversion.
The project is built based on Qt5.12.10_msvc2017_64 + VS2022


V 0.0.5

Todo: update code notes

V 0.0.4

  1. Implement UpperCamelCase, LowerCamelCase, all upper, all lower, add underscore, add prefix, add suffix, underline tolerance (do not delete underline) and other strings transform;
  2. Focus and Paste: When selected, each time you enter the application, the content of the clipboard will be directly copied to the input box;
  3. Multi-line input: You can select multiple lines of input to generate multiple results at one time;
  4. Complete and copy: When selected, the generated string will be automatically copied to the clipboard;
  5. Click and copy: When this and multi-line input are selected, directly clicking on a result will directly copy the item to the clipboard;
  6. Top window, Minimize to tray and other functions;
  7. Virtual focus fade out: When the mouse is not in the software, the software is translucent, and the transparency can be set by yourself;
  8. Multi-theme support: Including light and dark themes (Supported by QDarkStyleSheet, MIT LICENSE);
  9. Multilingual support: Simplified Chinese and English are currently supported;
  10. Shortcut key bindings: All operations can be bound to shortcut keys, which will be available when you use them next time (Supported by QHotkey, BSD LICENSE);
  11. Update help: when the local file exists, view the local help, if it does not exist, use the browser to view the network help;



  • Input box: Enter the string to be converted into it;
  • Output box: The converted string will be displayed in this box;
  • Small hump button: When selected, the content of the input box will be converted into a small hump style;
  • Big camel case button: When selected, the content of the input box will be converted into a big camel case style;
  • All lowercase button: When selected, the content of the input box will be converted to all lowercase;
  • All caps button: When selected, the content of the input box will be converted to all caps;
  • Capitalize the first word button: When selected, the content of the input box will be converted into the capitalization style of the first word;
  • Add underline button: When selected, an underline will be added to the input box as a separation;
  • Underline Allowed: When selected, the underline of the content in the input box will not be deleted (deleted by default);
  • Add prefix: will add a prefix to the content of the input box after it has been converted;
  • Add suffix: After the content of the input box is converted, a suffix will be added to it;
  • Generate button: will perform a response action according to the selected button;



  • Paste when get focus: When selected, when you click Apply, the content of the clipboard will be automatically pasted into the input box;
  • Copy to clipboard when work over: After selecting, when the text is generated, the generated text will be automatically copied to the clipboard;
  • Minimize to tray when close: When selected, clicking close will minimize to tray instead of exiting;
  • Window top hint : When selected, it will be the top window;
  • Multiline input: After selecting, the input and output boxes will become multi-line, and multiple texts can be operated at the same time;
  • Copy to clipboard when click output view: It can only be selected after multiple lines of text are selected. After selecting, when an item of the generated text is clicked, the item will be copied to the clipboard;


  • Defocus transparency: You can condition the transparency when the mouse is not in the application, the range is 10%-100%;
  • Theme: You can switch between light and dark themes, which will take effect immediately;
  • Language: You can switch between Chinese and English languages, and it will take effect after restarting;

shortcut keys

  • Local shortcut keys: You can bind all buttons in the generation interface except the generation button. When in the application, you can directly use the shortcut keys to switch the generation format;
  • Global shortcut keys: Generate, Show or hide and Exit operations can be bound;
    • Generate: It can be generated with one key according to the current option, such as the binding key Ctrl+G, you can use the following operations to quickly modify the name of the target string
    • When Automatically copy to clipboard when finished is selected in the general options, hold down Ctrl, press C, G, v, you can directly modify the style with one click;
    • Show or hide : You can quickly show or hide applications;
    • Exit : exit directly;
  • Save settings : After exiting normally, the shortcut keys are still saved the next time you enter;


  • Application and copyright information : application icon, name, version info and copyright;
  • Help : when the local help file exists, open the local help file, when it does not exist, open the network help file through the browser;


MPL 2.0